Frequently asked questions

How long does the visit last ?

The visit doesn't have a set duration.
Take your time to wander from one aquarium to another, to watch the seals being fed, or enjoy the majestic ballet of the rays.

Yes, or course you can. The Biarritz Aquarium is open on Sunday and national holidays.
For detailed information, click on “Opening hours”.

You can pay for admission by :
- cash
- bank cards (Visa, Mastercard)
- french holiday vouchers


The shop accepts payment by :
- cash
- bank cards (Visa, Mastercard)

Yes, of course. To find out more about our works committee rates, please contact Mr. Peyo Birebent, Promotions Manager, by telephoning him on +33 (0) 5 59 22 33 34 or by sending him an e-mail.

No, you don't. Buy your ticket on line and then choose when you want to visit on a day and time that suits you.

No, it isn't. The visit must be made in one go. You may not leave the Aquarium and then come back in again with the same ticket.

Most of the circuit is indeed indoors.
However, the seal pool (and therefore their feeding time) is visible from the terrace on the 3rd level.

You will find information available in French, English and Spanish throughout the whole tour of the Biarritz Aquarium.

Yes, you can. Taking photographs inside the Aquarium is allowed.
However, the use of any flash equipement is strictly forbidden : fish have no eyelids and are extremely sensitive to bright lights and flashes.

The seawater is pumped directly from the nearby sea. It is then filtered and sterilised by us. We fill the aquariums and pools at the Biarritz Aquarium with this water.

Yes, you are. There are vending machines selling drinks and food.

The Biarritz Aquarium does indeed have a shop where you will be able to find gifts not only for your friends, but also for yourself.

No, you can't. When the Govenrment authorities set up the Vigipirate plan, they prohibited the existence of a locker room in the Aquarium.

No, you can't. We are unable to accept pets inside the Aquarium. The veterinary authorities prohibit animals from entering because it houses living species.


Dogs :
Unfortunately dogs are not allowed into the Aquarium during visits.
This measure is enforced by the Bylaw of 25th March 2004, appearing in the Official Journal dated 1st April 2004.
This Bylaw establishes the general rules for fixed and permanent facilities in zoological establishments that present living specimens of local or exotic fauna to the public and which come under Heading 2140 of the schedule on facilities listed for the protection of the environment.


Article 13 of this Bylaw more particularly concerns pet dogs :
The animals must be protected from the predation of animals from outside the establishment. They must not be disturbed or excited by animals from outside the establishment. Should this situation arise, the establishments must implement programmes to control these populations of undesirable animals.


The only animals that we are authorised to accept are guide dogs that accompany visually impaired visitors.

Yes, it is. The building is equipped with lifts that make moving around with pushchairs easy.

Yes, it is. A circuit especially adapted to people with reduced mobility has been set up. The upper levels are accessible by lifts so that the whole Aquarium may be visited.